SHIPPING METHOD: International Tracked Priority Mail.

PROCESSING. We tend to ship as fast as possible, usually within 1-2 days. We print our stuff ourselves so in the case of increased traffic or an unexpected delay on the production line it might take a bit longer than that (up to 7 days).

ESTIMATED DELIVERY TIMES. The expected times of delivery vary between the countries:
               Europe and Russia: 4-7 days
               North America: 10-12 days
               Rest of the world: 10-20 days
Shortly after we ship your order you'll receive a notification with a reference number and the tracking website. After the package leaves Poland, the tracking will be made available on the website of your local post, which becomes responsible for the parcel - if it is being delivered longer than expected, you should contact them for information.


For international orders, we currently accept payments in USD via PayPal only. If your preferred currency is not USD, PayPal will automatically convert it. It also lets you pay by card.

If you want to pay by a credit / debit card, head to our Etsy.

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